The Enduring Romance of Toi et Moi Rings

February 19, 2019 2 min read

toi et moi ring

Most people think of the diamond solitaire as the most iconic symbol of engagement, but for centuries the Toi et Moi ring has been favored as the truly romantic way to show your love to someone.  Toi et Moi (French for “you and me”) rings are distinguished by two gems, often identical in size, set into a bypass style mounting.  This design symbolizes the entwining of two souls, the twinning of two hearts.

toi et moi ring

From Empress Josephine to Jackie O.

Toi et Moi rings have a long and romantic history in the world of jewelry.  The style was propelled into the spotlight at the end of the 18th Century with the controversial engagement of Napoleon Bonaparte and the widow Josephine.  Napoleon gave Josephine a Toi et Moi engagement ring set with Pear Cut stones: a sapphire and diamond of exceptional beauty.

napoleon josephine toi et moi ring

Napoleon’s Toi et Moi engagement ring for Josephine sold at auction in 2013 for more than $948,000.


Toi et Moi rings enjoyed popularity through the Victorian Era and into the 20th Century.  President John F. Kennedy gave an emerald and diamond version to Jackie O., with glittering marquise cut accent diamonds curving around the main gems and cascading into the shoulders.

emerald and diamond toi et moi ring

Choosing the Right Toi et Moi Ring

Today the Toi et Moi ring is more than just an engagement ring, and can be given as an anniversary gift, a promise ring, or simply as a token of love.  A great way to add deeper meaning to this piece is to choose a ring set with your loved one’s birthstone or the gem corresponding with your anniversary month.  Even better, customize your ring with both of your birthstones for the ultimate romantic symbol.  Market Square Jewelers offers highly customizable Toi et Moi ring designs in our Mother’s Jewelry Collection.  Choose your preferred shade of gold and gem and we will do the rest!

diamond toi et moi ring

blue zircon toi et moi ring

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