siam silver thai nielloware jewelry

Thai Silver & Nielloware Jewelry

Learn the history and process of this highly collectable jewelry.
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enamel jewelry history

The History of Enamel Jewelry

Explore the many different kinds of enamel and the history of its use in jewelry.
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market square jewelers custom engraving signet ring

Golden Signatures: The History of Signet Rings

Learn the history of signet rings and how their purpose changed over the centuries.
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antique lavalier pendant history

The History & Beauty of the Lavalier

The origins and evolution of this iconic necklace.
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old mine cut diamond

Old Mine Cut Diamonds: What They Are & Why We Love Them

Learn the origins and characteristics of this beloved antique diamond.
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die struck filigree method history

Struck By Light: Art Deco Filigree Jewelry History & Method

Learn how the die struck method was used to create Art Deco filigree.
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pietra dura jewelry

Pietra Dura Jewelry and the Art of Mosaic

Learn about this beautiful art form and how it differs from other mosaic jewelry.
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history of rose gold jewelry

The Evolution of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last century.
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history of camphor glass

The History and Early Origins of Camphor Glass

From mourning to fashion, camphor glass has a fascinating history.
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history of black hills gold

The History of Black Hills Gold

Believed to have been inspired by a vision, this classic jewelry style is steeped in myth.
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history of dinner rings

The History of Dinner Rings

You've heard of cocktail rings, but how about dinner rings?
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Victorian mourning jewelry hair locket

Victorian Mourning Jewelry

From hair jewelry, to wearable urns, learn about the origins of this somber fashion trend.
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jewelry superstitions

Cursed Gems and Jewelry Superstitions

The origins of jewelry superstitions and why opals aren't actually bad luck.
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Egyptian revival jewelry

From Pharaoh to Fashion: A History of Egyptian Revival Jewelry

How discoveries from Ancient Egypt influenced jewelry design in the modern era.
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charm jewelry history

A History of Charm Jewelry

Learn about the history of charms and some common symbols you'll find.
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Hollywood jewelry

Dripping in Jewels: Hollywood’s Influence on Jewelry Design

Iconic moments in Hollywood jewelry history and the stars that set the trends.
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antique pocket watches

Antique Pocket Watches: The Art of Functionality

We cover everything from care and maintenance, to beauty and mechanics.
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cameo jewelry

The History of Cameo Jewelry

Read about this ancient art and how it became an iconic symbol of heirloom jewelry.
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