Egyptian revival jewelry

From Pharaoh to Fashion: A History of Egyptian Revival Jewelry

How discoveries from Ancient Egypt influenced jewelry design in the modern era.
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charm jewelry history

A History of Charm Jewelry

Learn about the history of charms and some common symbols you'll find.
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Hollywood jewelry

Dripping in Jewels: Hollywood’s Influence on Jewelry Design

Iconic moments in Hollywood jewelry history and the stars that set the trends.
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antique pocket watches

Antique Pocket Watches: The Art of Functionality

We cover everything from care and maintenance, to beauty and mechanics.
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cameo jewelry

The History of Cameo Jewelry

Read about this ancient art and how it became an iconic symbol of heirloom jewelry.
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toi et moi ring

The Enduring Romance of Toi et Moi Rings

See why toi et moi rings make the perfect engagement ring.
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antique seed pearl jewelry

The Beauty of Antique Seed Pearl Jewelry

Find out why seed pearl jewelry is a great way to start your antique jewelry collection.
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crescent moon jewelry history

Crescent Moon Jewelry: Its History and Why it Makes the Perfect Wedding Gift

More than a trend, crescent moons have a long symbolic history.
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victorian jewelry history

The Victorian Era and Its Influence on Jewelry

Take a deep dive into the Victorian Era, from mourning jewelry to halo rings.
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