The Beauty of Antique Seed Pearl Jewelry

February 19, 2019 1 min read

antique seed pearl jewelry

Seed Pearl Jewelry in the Victorian Era

Glistening like drops of morning dew, seed pearls are more than just accent gems.  They add femininity, refinement, and sophistication to the jewelry they adorn.  Seed pearls reached the height of their popularity in the Victorian Era.  The Victorians, who loved using jewelry as symbolic sentiments, viewed pearls as a sign of purity.  It was during this era that pearl jewelry became fashionable for brides, a tradition that continues to this day.

Victorian seed pearl ring

What is a Seed Pearl?

A seed pearl is so named because of its size – usually less than 2 millimeters in diameter.  These are natural pearls and can vary quite a bit in color, from milky white to an elegant gray.  Their imperfect nature is part of their charm, making each piece they adorn a unique treasure.

Antique seed pearl jewelry

How Do I Start a Seed Pearl Jewelry Collection?

If you’re looking to start an antique jewelry collection, seed pearl jewelry is a great place to start.  Often these pieces feature delicate, lightweight gold work, and therefore are often more affordable than the weighty pieces of later eras.  Market Square Jewelers has a lovely collection of seed pearl jewelry including Victorian Era brooches and Art Nouveau Era lavalier pendants.  

antique seed pearl jewelry

seed pearl jewelry

antique seed pearl jewelry

antique seed pearl jewelry

antique seed pearl jewelry

antique seed pearl jewelry

antique seed pearl jewelry


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