Morganite pendant

Morganite: Pretty in Pink

Discover the history, properties, and lore of this pastel-hued gem.
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Shazar stone dendritic agate pendant

Shazar Stone: Rare Dendritic Agate

Find out the background and properties of this mysterious stone.
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Cat's eye and star gemstone rings

Phenomenal Gems: Cat's Eye and Star Gemstones

The science behind the magic of gemstones with special light effects.
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tanzanite pendant

Tanzanite: A Rare Beauty

Learn the history, properties, and lore of this newly discovered gem.
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alexandrite history and properties

Alexandrite: The Color Changing Stone

Find out why this gem is known as "emerald by day, ruby by night".
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lapis lazuli history and properties

Lapis Lazuli: Starry Skies From Ancient Lands

From Mesopotamia to Vermeer, lapis lazuli has been hugely influential.
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malachite jewelry history properties symbolism

Malachite: Eternal Paradise in Shades of Green

From its use in antiquity, to modern metaphysical practice, malachite has always been important.
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ruby gemstone history properties symbolism

Ruby: The Life-Force Gem

The legend, lore, and properties of this famous gemstone.
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agate properties history varieties types

Bands of Beauty: Agate Properties, History, and Varieties

There's lots to love about agate, in all of its many, beautiful forms.
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cultured pearl necklace

Which Pearl Is Which: A Helpful Guide

Here are some of the common pearl-related terms you'll come across.
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how to shop for diamonds using the four c's

How To Shop For Diamonds Using The Four Cs

Learn the basics about diamond color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.
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History properties lore of emerald

Rhapsody in Green: Emerald History, Properties, and Lore

From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, learn why this gem has been coveted for thousands of years.
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old mine cut diamond

Old Mine Cut Diamonds: What They Are & Why We Love Them

Learn the origins and characteristics of this beloved antique diamond.
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moonstone properties history lore

Dreaming of Moonstone: Properties, History, and Lore

This mysterious gem possesses a deep symbolism and unrivaled beauty.
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amethyst history and symbolism

Love, Wine, and the Beauty of Amethyst

Learn about the history and symbolism of February's birthstone.
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varieties of garnets

Ten Varieties of Garnets You Should Know

Learn about these essential garnets, and find the perfect one for you.
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Pantone's 2019 color of the year living coral

How To Wear Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

Coral is not just a beautiful color, it's also a stunning gemstone.
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properties and history of blue zircon

The Ancient Beauty of Blue Zircon

Discover why this fiery and vivid blue gem is unlike any other.
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