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Market Square Jewelers was built on a love for the unusually beautiful. For over 30 years, we have approached our search for earth’s most unusual gemstones and historical manmade pieces like a quest, like a challenge. We are regarded by many customers as "The Library of Jewelry," with our vast inventory of gems, settings, antique diamond engagement rings, and period jewelry.

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  • Filigree Large Oval Lime Green Peridot White Gold Drop Earrings

    $1,285.00 View Details
  • Gorgeous Antique Peridot Earrings, Large Fine Gemstones

    $1,285.00 View Details
  • Peridot, Diamond and Sapphire Cocktail Ring

    $5,415.00 View Details
  • Teardrop Carnelian and Diamond Drop Earrings

    $345.00 View Details
  • Carnelian and Diamond Teardrop Earrings

    $445.00 View Details
  • Contemporary and Bold Peridot Cocktail Ring

    $2,465.00 View Details
  • White Gold Carnelian Cocktail Ring with Diamond Accent

    $665.00 View Details
  • Carnelian Gemstone in an Antique Filigree White Gold Ring

    $665.00 View Details
  • Peridot and Gold Ladies Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring

    $1,885.00 View Details

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