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Everything you wanted to know about jewelry history, gemstones, and jewelry care.

Pantone's 2019 color of the year living coral

How To Wear Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

Coral is not just a beautiful color, it's also a stunning gemstone.
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history of black hills gold

The History of Black Hills Gold

Believed to have been inspired by a vision, this classic jewelry style is steeped in myth.
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properties and history of blue zircon

The Ancient Beauty of Blue Zircon

Discover why this fiery and vivid blue gem is unlike any other.
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history of dinner rings

The History of Dinner Rings

You've heard of cocktail rings, but how about dinner rings?
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how to care for antique silverware

How to Care for Antique Silverware

The ins and outs of caring for your heirloom silver.
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citrine history meaning lore

Fall In Love With Citrine

Read about the history and meaning of November's birthstone.
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Victorian mourning jewelry hair locket

Victorian Mourning Jewelry

From hair jewelry, to wearable urns, learn about the origins of this somber fashion trend.
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jewelry superstitions

Cursed Gems and Jewelry Superstitions

The origins of jewelry superstitions and why opals aren't actually bad luck.
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Gem Mystique: A Guide To Gemstone Meanings

Gem Mystique: A Guide To Gemstone Meanings

A list of popular gems and what they symbolize in different cultures.
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tourmaline jewelry

Tourmaline: The Electric Stone

Found in almost every color of the rainbow, there's more to this gem than meets the eye.
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sphene gemstone

Sphene: A Rare Beauty

Sphene's are rare, but unrivaled in their fiery green beauty.
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Egyptian revival jewelry

From Pharaoh to Fashion: A History of Egyptian Revival Jewelry

How discoveries from Ancient Egypt influenced jewelry design in the modern era.
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charm jewelry history

A History of Charm Jewelry

Learn about the history of charms and some common symbols you'll find.
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Peridot jewelry history and lore

Peridot: The Gem of the Sun

Read about this green gemstone with a cult following.
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summer jewelry care

The Summer Jewelry Care Handbook: 10 Essential Tips

We cover everything from cleaning to storage, and much more.
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Turquoise: Stone of the Ancients

Turquoise: Stone of the Ancients

Learn the properties, history, and lore of turquoise gemstones.
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lost wax jewelry casting process

The Jewelry Casting Process: Lost-Wax Casting

Learn about the lost wax casting process and how we create custom jewelry.
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Opal history lore symbolism

Opal: The Queen of Gemstones

Learn all about how opals form, and their long history and symbolism.
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