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Everything you wanted to know about jewelry history, gemstones, and jewelry care.

engagement ring settings

Engagement Ring Settings You Should Know

From prong to bezel, learn which engagement setting is right for you.
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ruby gemstone history properties symbolism

Ruby: The Life-Force Gem

The legend, lore, and properties of this famous gemstone.
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agate properties history varieties types

Bands of Beauty: Agate Properties, History, and Varieties

There's lots to love about agate, in all of its many, beautiful forms.
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vintage engagement ring guide

The Big Guide To Vintage Engagement Rings

Your ultimate manual for everything you should know about vintage engagement rings.
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cultured pearl necklace

Which Pearl Is Which: A Helpful Guide

Here are some of the common pearl-related terms you'll come across.
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market square jewelers custom engraving signet ring

Golden Signatures: The History of Signet Rings

Learn the history of signet rings and how their purpose changed over the centuries.
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how to shop for diamonds using the four c's

How To Shop For Diamonds Using The Four Cs

Learn the basics about diamond color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.
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History properties lore of emerald

Rhapsody in Green: Emerald History, Properties, and Lore

From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, learn why this gem has been coveted for thousands of years.
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antique lavalier pendant history

The History & Beauty of the Lavalier

The origins and evolution of this iconic necklace.
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old mine cut diamond

Old Mine Cut Diamonds: What They Are & Why We Love Them

Learn the origins and characteristics of this beloved antique diamond.
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guide to gold jewelry

A Beginner's Guide To Gold Jewelry

Learn everything you need to know about gold, from karats to cleaning.
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die struck filigree method history

Struck By Light: Art Deco Filigree Jewelry History & Method

Learn how the die struck method was used to create Art Deco filigree.
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pietra dura jewelry

Pietra Dura Jewelry and the Art of Mosaic

Learn about this beautiful art form and how it differs from other mosaic jewelry.
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moonstone properties history lore

Dreaming of Moonstone: Properties, History, and Lore

This mysterious gem possesses a deep symbolism and unrivaled beauty.
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amethyst history and symbolism

Love, Wine, and the Beauty of Amethyst

Learn about the history and symbolism of February's birthstone.
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history of rose gold jewelry

The Evolution of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last century.
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varieties of garnets

Ten Varieties of Garnets You Should Know

Learn about these essential garnets, and find the perfect one for you.
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history of camphor glass

The History and Early Origins of Camphor Glass

From mourning to fashion, camphor glass has a fascinating history.
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