Gem Mystique: A Guide To Gemstone Meanings

February 21, 2019 4 min read

Gem Mystique: A Guide To Gemstone Meanings

Gems and crystals are having a resurgence in popularity right now.  From healing ailments, to attracting abundance, gems and crystals have a long history of being used metaphysically based on their believed properties.  Read on to learn more about popular gemstones and how they are used in metaphysical and spiritual practices.

agate meaning


Agate is found in many colors, and its uses may change depending on the properties associated with each color.  In general, agate is believed to bring stability and focus when you are feeling out of balance.  In many ancient cultures, agate was believed to provide protection for the wearer.

amethyst meaning


Amethyst is known as the relaxation stone, used for keeping stress at bay, and connecting with your intuition.  Amethyst has long been believed to hold special powers, from preventing intoxication (amethystos translates to “not drunk” in Ancient Greek), to quickening intelligence (per 15th Century astrologer Camillo Leonardi).  Overall, amethyst is considered to carry a very positive energy.

Aquamarine meaning


Aquamarine is considered to be a cleansing stone, and is used to reduce stress and fear to make room for tranquility.  The gem was once believed to give the wearer protection in battle and at sea, and to quicken the intellect.  Aquamarine is also thought to enhance happiness in marriages, making it a great anniversary gift.

bloodstone meaning


Bloodstone has a long and ancient history.  It was known as the “stone of martyrs” and is still used today for medicinal purposes in healing wounds and blood disorders.  Bloodstone is believed to represent courage, self esteem, and energy.

Carnelian meaning


Carnelian is believed to promote creativity, confidence, and lucky energies.  Carnelian has been referred to in written records dating back over 4000 years ago, and was significant in ancient cultures as a talisman.  Carnelian was used in healing practices as far back as the Middle Ages to relieve stress and tension.  Throughout history, carnelian was thought to bring good luck to the wearer and protect them from bad energy.

Citrine meaning


Citrine is strongly associated with the sun thanks to its yellow color.  It is used metaphysically for energy, confidence, and positivity.  Citrine is also believed to promote creativity and mental clarity.  Also, known as the Merchant’s Stone, citrine is popular for manifesting wealth and abundance.

garnet meaning


Because of its red color, garnet is believed to promote vitality, health, passion and pleasure.  In traditional Chinese medicine, garnets are used to aid the flow of Chi throughout the body.  In the middle ages, garnets were worn as talismans to protect from bad energy.  

hematite meaning


For those who work with crystals, hematite is helpful for grounding and focusing on the body.  In crystal healing practices, hematite is believed to relieve blood disorders (the name is derived from the Greek word for blood, because it can produce a red color in stones).

jade meaning


Jade is used to promote wisdom, serenity, and mental purity.  The Chinese character for jade is one of the oldest in its written history.  The stone is strongly associated with heaven and the circle of life.  The name comes from the Spanish for “pain in the side”, an ailment believed by the Mayans and Aztecs to be cured by jade.

labradorite meaning


Inuits believed the Northern Lights were captured in labradorite.  Labradorite is used metaphysically to reach a higher state of consciousness, as well as for protection.  Labradorite is also believed to provide insight and help the wearer find their true path.  The association with the spiritual realm makes labradorite an important stone for those who work with crystals.

lapis lazuli meaning


Lapis, or lapis lazuli, is an ancient stone used for enlightenment and opening the mind.  In Ancient Egypt it was believed to have the power to connect the spiritual realm and the physical world.  For crystal healers, lapis is used to remedy migraines and headaches.

malachite meaning


Malachite is believed to provide emotional balance and to cleanse the chakras.  The stone is also believed to protect the wearer from harm, and to restore optimism when worn.  Overall, malachite is believed to amplify the feelings of the wearer, so can be used to address negative feelings or increase positive ones.

Moonstone meaning


Moonstones represent tenderness, and is used metaphysically to connect to the divine feminine and inner goddess.  According to Hindu mythology, moonstone was formed from moonbeams, and is strongly associated with the heart chakra.  In crystal healing, moonstone is used to sooth hormonal changes and relieve menstrual symptoms.

onyx meaning


Onyx is an important stone in many cultures, and symbolizes facing your fears and releasing self-doubt to achieve personal power.  Onyx is believed to aid in releasing burdens and to help decision making.  The stone is also believed to have protective properties for the wearer.

peridot meaning


Peridot is known as an abundance stone, used to attract positive energy and wealth.  Cleopatra wore peridot to ward off evil spirits in Ancient Egypt.  Overall, peridot has a strong association with the sun and is believed to bring light and happiness to the wearer.

rose quartz meaning

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as a love stone, used to attract romance and positive relationships., and to promote self-love and acceptance.  Rose quartz has been used in love rituals for centuries, from Ancient Greek to Native American cultures, making it a great stone to wear on your wedding day.

Smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is believed to release negative energy and to keep you grounded.  It is also believed to neutralize electromagnetic stress, thus giving relief to those with technology overload.  In crystal healing practices, smoky quartz is an important stone used for healing emotional wounds.

tiger's eye meaning

Tiger’s Eye

In ancient times, warriors and soldiers wore tiger’s eye for courage in battle.  Metaphysically, tiger’s eye is considered an outlook changing stone, and is used to channel confidence and power.  Like its name suggests, tiger’s eye symbolizes the power and passion of a tiger, and is believed to help you channel those traits within yourself. 

turquoise meaning


Used since Ancient Egyptian times, turquoise has a long history of being an important and sacred gem.  Turquoise is used metaphysically to help promote honest communication and provide a connection to higher powers.  In Native American cultures, turquoise symbolizes the sky and water and is associated with protection and healing.  Turquoise is also considered to promote positivity and energize all chakra centers.

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