How Can I Find Out Her Engagement Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

January 30, 2019 2 min read

how to find out her engagement ring size

Shopping for an engagement ring is always an exciting experience, but figuring out your future fiancé's ring size can add a level of stress to the occasion.  Here are three ways you can find our her engagement ring size without her knowing, and what to do if all your attempts fail.

1. Ask a Friend

If you want a surprise proposal, a great way is to ask a friend for her ring size. Even if she doesn’t know, she could be the one to subtly ask. She could also take your partner engagement ring shopping "just for fun” and report the size back. At Market Square Jewelers, we always have groups of girlfriends trying on rings in the shop, and we will write down everyone's size on cards. She can then casually drop the card back with you for the correct size.  

2. Sneak a Ring

Another way to find out her engagement ring size is to snag a ring from her jewelry box. Make sure it is a current ring she is wearing, and that you know what finger it is on. Even if it is not her ring finger – we can typically help you approximate the size. Just make sure it’s not her favorite ring, or she will be tearing apart the house looking for it.

3. Send us a Picture of Her Hand

At Market Square Jewelers, we’ve seen enough hands over the years to be able to help you find the approximate size of her ring finger. Just send us a photo of her hand with or without rings on it, and we can help you determine the size.  

...Or Buy the Ring and Size it After

Buying the ring as is and sizing it after is the most popular and reliable option. Unless you know her engagement ring size exactly, lots of times you will have to adjust the ring to make sure it fits after the proposal anyway. At Market Square Jewelers, we offer complimentary ring sizing services for rings over $1000, and are happy to work with you before, or well after your purchase.  Learn more about the jewelry services we offer, and shop our engagement ring collections here.

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