Our Custom Work: Sharon’s Orange Blossom Band & Engagement Ring Makeover

January 30, 2019 2 min read

orange blossom wedding band

Working with customers to find and create the perfect piece of jewelry is at the heart and soul of what we do.  This is what customer Sharon G. had to say about her experience at Market Square Jewelers.

This summer Market Square Jewelers fulfilled for me what I thought was an unattainable dream wedding ring set!

From Michigan to New Hampshire I was chasing what I thought to be a unicorn ring, a nonexistent replication of my great grandmother's orange blossom wedding band that I could wear stacked as my ten year anniversary band. I came into the shop after being inspired by pieces posted in their online Etsy shop, then realizing this was also the same shop I had walked past every summer while visiting my family vacationing in Maine. Imagine my amazement to not only find the vintage 1940’s orange blossom band I had been looking for in their Portsmouth shop, but it fit and locked right onto my finger as if it was always meant to be there.

Sharon's anniversary band orange blossom front view    Sharon's anniversary band orange blossom side view    Sharon's anniversary band orange blossom top view

After being completely blown away with my magical find, I was eager to visit the Dover shop which had even more vintage settings.  This allowed me to explore the idea of restoring my wedding ring, as my prongs had worn down and I was no longer able to wear my ring every day as I once had. Being that my husband had picked this ring himself, and me being sentimental, I wasn’t sure about altering my original ring,  but I didn’t want to abandon it all either.  I was completely undecided and looking with options open.  Not only did I fall in love with MSJ but I fell I love with vintage diamond prongs, setting and all.

With the knowledge of the jewelers at MSJ I was able to verbalize my vision, and they made my dreams come true. I’m still blown away by the magic that happened in those 9 short days. I am purely in awe when I look at my new wedding ring that was reset with a vintage diamond just waiting for me to find it, the orange blossom ten year anniversary band I never thought I’d find, and a necklace I had set with my original diamond from my wedding ring which shines brighter and looks even more stunning on my neck then it did on my finger.

Before Picture of Engagement Ring     After Picture of Engagement Ring

A million thank you’s to Jess from Dover MSJ and Gail from Portsmouth MSJ, I will forever be grateful. No one else will ever be handling my jewelry again.

Smiling forever,


Sharon at the Portsmouth, NH LocationSharon and Her Mom at Dover, NH Location

Sharon outside of our Portsmouth, NH storefront            Sharon and her mom outside our Dover, NH storefront

Happy Sharon with her new engagement ring


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