Our Story

Regarded by many as “The Library of Jewelry," we attempt to represent a variety of stylistic time periods, unusual gemstones, and price ranges.

Our business started when we were in high school, making bead necklaces from natural stones, shells and metals. In the late 70's, we expanded our interest to cabochons and then to faceted gems. Because most jewelers and craftspeople buy so few natural colored gems, we found it almost impossible to sell enough wholesale goods to survive. In the early 80's we learned the gem market from the streets of Boston, and once we understood how to buy precious metals at market value in the estate market, our future was written.

How do we show the most beautiful gems, cabochons or faceted, in the most incredible gold or silver settings we can purchase? This marriage between the earth’s treasures and these historic gold pieces continue to surprise us, even over thirty years later. New gemological technology has allowed man to dig deeper for gems whilst old manufacturing systems built beautiful filigree settings and fantastic embossed items. We hope you like our inventory of gems and settings. No matter the value, we are wholly focused on our inventory; one piece at a time.