MSJ Layaway

Layaway, or paying in installments, is a great way to buy a piece of jewelry that you really love, but might otherwise be over your budget. If you plan ahead, you can use layaway to buy the perfect engagement ring for a future proposal, or buy several special pieces to give as gifts during the holidays. 

With MSJ Layaway, we've made paying in installments simple and straightforward, so it’s easy for you to buy the jewelry of your dreams!


benefits of msj layaway


Our Layaway Policy

We offer layaway on all of the items we sell, both in our stores and online. 

In-store layaway plans:

Typically are four payments spread out over the course of four months. Contact us to set up a layaway plan that meets your needs. 

Once you make your first payment, your item is reserved and removed from our website and stores so no one else can buy it. Once you make your last payment, your item is shipped to you or made available for you to pick up in store. To make a payment, simply give us a call or stop by in-store!

If you cancel your layaway, or return an item that was purchased through layaway, you will receive store credit for the amount you paid. Returns for store credit are available up to 30 days after you received your item in the mail, or made your final payment in store.  Items paid for on a layaway plan are not eligible for discount.

Online layaway plans (Lay-Buy):

Lay-buy is our automated layaway system that processes your monthly payments for you, all through PayPal! We are so excited about this solution because it makes your layaway process flexible and effortless. You can set up a Lay-Buy plan right on our website at checkout, or through a custom emailed invoice.
Here are the highlights:
-No interest or fees 
-Ability to view open and completed layaways through your MSJ account
-Ability to select and control your monthly plan and downpayment
-Auto processing of each installment 


How To Buy an Item With Lay-Buy

  1. Choose the item or items you’d like to put on layaway. 
  2. At checkout, either by emailed invoice, or directly from our website, follow through to checkout
  3. At the payment page, select *PUT IT ON LAY-BUY* 

  4.  You will then be brought to the LAY-BUY payment plan breakdown page where you can select the specifics regarding your plan timeline and down payment amount.


  5. Click on the down payment drop down menu to select your desired amount. You have the option to put down 10%-50% of the item's total value as a down payment.
  6. Click on the months to pay drop down menu to choose the timeline of your layaway. Anywhere from 2-10 months.
  7. On the right side is your payment plan breakdown showing your down payment amount, and monthly payment amount based on your chosen timeline.

  8.  When you are happy with your plan, select the big blue button that says "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY" 

  9. You will then be redirected to PayPal where you can then select the card/payment method you would like to use that is associated with your PayPal account.

  10. Your Lay-buy setup is now complete and you will be brought to our order confirmation page! This confirmation means the layaway plan is scheduled and active but you will still need to complete all automated payments before receiving your item(s).

Using MSJ Layaway To Reserve An Item

Have you ever seen a ring on our website that you loved, but took some more time to consider whether or not to buy it, only to have someone else buy it instead? Most of the jewelry that we sell is one-of-a-kind – once it’s gone, it’s gone! 

If you want some more time to consider your purchase, but are worried it might sell to someone else, you can put a down payment on it to reserve it for yourself. If you ultimately decide to buy something else, we’ll transfer that payment to store credit to use towards your purchase.  


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